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The Wizard of Oz backdrop animation

Looking for projections for your production of The Wizard of Oz? We have them!

There are 11 animated and static backdrops to choose from - just pick the ones you need.

Here's what's available:

Windy Kansas
sepia, animated loop

Fast-moving clouds and tumbleweed, just before the twister
Inside the Tornado
sepia, animated loop

Dust flying across the screen
sepia, animated

Twister moves slowly stage right to stage left with Dorothy's house rotating around it

Poppies rotate and fade in from black
animated loop

Poppies fade and snowflakes fall.
Towards the Emerald City

Emerald City from a distance with a rainbow over it
Gates of the Emerald City

  • Gates with 'OZ' plate up
  • 'OZ' plate slides down to reveal the guard
  • 'Bell out of order - Please knock' sign appears magically over the door
Transitions can be cued separately; the OZ plate slides down to reveal a black circle, through which your Guard can be seen, so this only works if the actor can go behind the projection screen and be seen through it. You can opt for the second and third stages of this slide to be left out.
Outside the Witch's Castle

Castle built from large grey blocks, and a portcullis
In the Forest

  • In the forest with the castle in the background and "I'd turn back if I were you..." sign in foreground
  • Monkeys fly from castle across moon in silhouete
  • Monkeys fly down into forest in silhouette
  • Monkeys fly out of forest carrying Dorothy
  • Zooms in to castle and fades to black
Transitions can be cued separately
Oz's Balloon

  • Balloon sitting on the ground
  • Balloon flies off
Transitions can be cued separately
Twister Back to Kansas
sepia, animated

Twister moves slowly stage left to stage right with Dorothy's house rotating around it

What do I need?

You'll need a Windows or Mac computer with a reasonably fast processor and at least 2GB of memory. You'll also need a projector running at a resolution of 1024x768.

The projection can either be supplied as a full-screen Flash application cued on the keyboard, or as separate .mov or .avi video files. If you want to check that the Flash presentation will work with your computer, you can download and run this sample (Windows only). It should run smoothly at 1024x768 in full-screen mode (press Ctrl+F).

The Flash application is the easiest way to use the slides if you're not adding in any of your own. If you'd prefer to use the video files, .mov is usually better if you're on a Mac and .avi if you're on Windows.

So, how much?

If you're staging an amateur (community) or school production, there's a base cost of £10 and each slide is an additional £10. So for 6 slides, you pay £70. Simple!

If you're restaging an amateur or school production with the same group and the same set of slides, you get a 50% discount. So to use the same six slides again, you pay £35.

Please contact me for pricing for professional productions.

Great! What next?

Just contact me with a list of slides you require, which format you want them in (Flash presentation, .mov or .avi) and the date you need them by (this should be at least two weeks away, but I may be able to help you sooner - just ask). I'll email you a PayPal invoice and you can pay by card or with a PayPal account. When payment's been received, you'll receive an email with a link to download your slides by the date you specified.

Terms & Conditions

You're being sold a licence to use these slides for a single run of no more than 10 performances with a break of no more than seven days between any two performances. You're not being sold the copyright to the slides, so you must not sell them on or pass them on to anyone for any purpose not related to the production for which they are licensed. The zip file that you are sent and the files you extract from it must be deleted from anywhere it is stored after the run's last performance.

You will be billed in pounds sterling. The US dollar amounts shown above are for guidance only and are based on the exchange rates that may be several hours out of date. The actual dollar equivalent may vary depending on the exchange rate when you pay your invoice.

The prices above are for unaltered slides. If you need any changes made to any of the slides, these may be able to be made at an additional cost.

You must include the following credits in your programme:
    Projection Matt Eason (
    Kansas projection photography Sharon Shahan

The pricing information listed above applies only to amateur productions, in which no actor is paid to perform. If this doesn't apply to your production, please contact me for pricing information.

Sorry, but once payment has been received refunds are not available unless your slides are not made available to you by the date agreed.

Payment of the invoice signifies your acceptance of these terms & conditions.